When In Lebanon

Feb 19, 2018
Mariana Atencio Uncategorized 0

My husband’s family is Lebanese, so I see Lebanon as I see them: hard working, beautiful, lively people who are proud of their roots and traditions. When in the “Paris of the Middle East” you should:

Get lost in the Mediterranean port city of Byblos, one the oldest in the world.

Talk to the Syrian refugees in the different camps to understand the plight of these displaced families (After more than 5 years of war in their country, more than 1 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon).

Admire the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque and then visit the Christian Church right next door. What an example for the rest of the world of different religions getting along!

Shop at Cascada Mall and visit the wine vineyards in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley (take the tour of their unique underground cellar).

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