When In Miami

Feb 19, 2018
Mariana Atencio Uncategorized 0

This city is practically the capital of Latin America, an everyday reminder of a lively cultural melting pot. I love Miami and I’m proud to call it my home now. Try one of these when in town, mi gente!

Play some dominoes with the old Cuban exiles at Parque Dominó (¡Qué bolá!).

Devour as many ice-cream flavors as you can at Heladería Azúcar in Calle Ocho.

Snap cool pics with the street art in Wynwood Walls (as good as any museum).

Meander through the gardens of Vizcaya Museum (and channel your inner Alice in Wonderland).

Soak up that Miami Beach sun without the hassle (just rent an umbrella and chair from one of the local hotels).

If you come around, let me know to hang out! Mi casa, su casa, as they say.

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